If you're here it's because you probably want to know a little more, let's make introductions.

My name is Bruno, Bakkie is a bit like my third professional life.

The first was on sailboats, as a skipper. The second as a restaurateur.

From the first I kept a certain taste for doing things "with the means at hand" so as not to cite certain more flowery maritime expressions ;-) Keeping it simple and effective, with little. 

It was during the second that I was looking for a bicycle solution for transporting crates of fish, crates of vegetables and other bags of bread in a busy pedestrian environment that I discovered this world solutions intended to replace (over)motorized transport.

I opt for the longtail. 

In 2017 I am looking for a simple accessory to give to my wife to tow our son's bike back from school which has a large parking lot for cars but nothing secure for bicycles :-(

If there is already enough to tow the bikes with their little drivers, nothing to simply move the bike. So we have to do it, this support comes from a friend's sailmaker, we don't really know what to call it.


The first tests quickly show that beyond towing, such a support allows you to do a lot with a very simple bike. And the birthday gift becomes the very first prototype of an all-purpose bag project.

Many tests and new prototypes later, it was done!

On the path to degrowth on a personal level, I try to do the best professionally by offering bicycle accessories to better do without the car.

A course to define in this ocean of questions about what is going in the right direction, or not.

The prototypes are made in Fouras, the Bakkies are made in the North of France.