Bakkie panniers: carry everything (or almost) by bike!

Multifunctional, Bakkie panniers offer you numerous possibilities for transporting everyday items by bike, securing a bulky load or towing a child's bike. 

Our assortment allows you to choose the model and color of your Bakkies bike bags, but also to order them in pairs to benefit from a reduction! To meet all your needs, the packs allow you to mix combinations, by combining the Bakkie and Bakkie Light bags for example.

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Bakkie or Bakkie Light bag: which one to choose? 

Do you want to take everyday items on your bike or store equipment in a closed bag? Opt for the Bakkie bag! It includes a waterproof bag with a volume of 15 liters, which can also be rolled up to free up more space in the open support. The latter is adjustable and padded to allow you to carry bulky or fragile loads while protecting them. You can carry your Bakkie with you by hand, thanks to its integrated carrying handle, or over your shoulder using the largest of the straps provided.

 If you are more interested in towing a bike or carry an unusual size (parcel, stroller, suitcase, musical instrument, etc.) without needing to store things in a closed bag, the Bakkie Light bag is made for you! This minimal model allows maximum loading. It features the same open carrier as the Bakkie, with no enclosed storage bag or built-in carrying handle. 

Sharing, it allows you to attach another hooked bag to the luggage rack without having to remove it.

 Finally, thanks to its thinness, the Bakkie bag Light also allows easier use when a baby or child seat is installed on the luggage rack.

 The mention “Evo” refers to the new versions of the Bakkie and Bakkie Light bags manufactured in from March 2023 to replace old models. They include new features.

A rear or front bike bag adapted to all your needs

Whether for the Bakkie or the Bakkie Light, the clip-on buckles on our bike bags allow fixing suitable for all types of luggage rack, whatever the tube diameter. 3 straps of different sizes are also included to adapt to all situations!

Our models can also be attached to the body of a two-wheeler or three-wheeler as a cargo bike bag, on the extended luggage rack of a longtail, or on the handlebars of a folding bike. Electric or muscle bike bag, it adapts to all your uses!

Bakkie, the bike bag made in France

Our French bike bag is designed in Charente-Maritime and manufactured in Hauts-de-France. It is created to withstand all weather and environments thanks to its waterproofing. Concerned about its durability, we have made it from quality materials. Its life cycle can be extended by a local craftsman such as a shoemaker or saddler who can easily repair it.

Your Bakkie is made to go the distance and last!